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Duotone Toy Cars

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Toy cars inspired by the past. Available in 6 sizes, and also available as a gift set. 

These wonderful 6 wooden toy cars have been designed by Dutch Designer Floris Hovers, and produced by Ikonic Toys. The Duotone cars are inspired by cars of the past but do have that contemporary look that Floris is most known for. Made from beech wood, they not only look pretty, but they are also sturdy and drive really well, making them a toy that can be used for hours and hours. 

Each car is wrapped in a pretty gift box. 

Recommended from age 3 and up.

Car no 1: Length 8 cm x width 4,5 cm x height 3,5 cm
Car no. 2: Length 11,5 x width 4,5 x height 3,5 cm
Car no 3: Length 13 x width 4,5 x height 3 cm
Car no 4: Length 13 x width 4,5 x height 4,5 cm
Car no 5: Length 18 x width 5 x height 5 cm
Car no 6: Length 16,5 cm x width 4,5 cm x height 5,5 cm.

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