Salt-Water Sandals

SALT-WATER SANDALS Original - 2 faver | Str. 20-28

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Colour: Tan

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The perfect summer sandal for both wet and dry conditions.

We just love Saltwater Sandals! They’re made from water-resistant leather, and are a perfect summer sandal for both wet and dry conditions.

Meet the Original, the first model to come out of American Walter Hoy’s workshop in 1944. The original Salt-Water Sandal is defined by its little way stitched rubber sole and plaited leather upper.

All Salt-Water sandals come with rust proof buckles, can be worn in the water and can be hand-washed with a gentle detergent. They are comfortable, durable and beautiful.

The Salt-Water Original is available at STUDIO MINI in a brown and tan tone, great for both boys and girls.

Brand: Salt-Water Sandals

Material: Water-resistant leather, rust-proof metal buckles, stitched rubber sole.

Size: Available in sizes 22-28. Regular fit.

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