Playmats Organic Cotton +colours

Playmats Organic Cotton +colours

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The mattress that makes playing on the floor comfortable and fun.

Kids of all ages love to play, eat, read – and when the can, it seems, they love to do so on the floor. These lovely playmats have been designed to give your child (and you, too!) a comfortable play area that’s also great to look at. The playmats are amazingly soft, giving comfort to your baby practicing tummy time, or your toddler playing with LEGO or taking a nap. You may also add cushions to the playmate, and turn it into a little reading nook for your older child.

The playmats are great on their own – or put two or more mats together to create an amazing play area with space enough for adults and kids to enjoy time together.

The mattresses are certified organic, with a a non-toxic filling.

Brand: ByAlex

Material: Outer material: 100% heavy cotton. The Forest mattress is made from 100% polyester velvet. Both covers are machine washable at 30⁰C. The inner material is made of the highest quality, non-toxic cold foam.

Size: Length 160 cm x width 80 cm x height 3 cm.