COCOON Kapok Full-Size Duvet & Pillow Set

COCOON Kapok Full-Size Duvet & Pillow Set

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Organic, natural, heat-regulating, allergy friendly and chemical-free duvets and pillows. Full-size/adult size.

Kapok duvets and pillows is a great natural, sustainable, allergy friendly and chemical-free option. These duvets and pillows allow your baby or child to have the best sleep possible, as they are excellent to keep your child warm, dry and comfortable throughout the entire night.

Kapok is a fine, fibrous cotton-like substance which grows around the seeds of the Ceiba tree. Kapok is often, and more and more, used as stuffing for mattresses, cushions, soft toys, etc. due to its natural elements and amazing abilities to regulate heat and allowing for air ventilation.

These duvets and pillows are 100% handmade in India at a certified fair-trade company.

Brand: Cocoon

Material: Natural, organic kapok filling. Organic, GOTS certified cotton on top.

Care: Hang outside once in a while to refresh. You may also wash the duvet/pillow in the washing machine at max 60°C and with a high centrifugation. If possible, use a detergent with as few enzymes as possible. Important: Do not let the duvet/pillow sit for long in the washing machine after it has been washed.

Once washed, remove it immediately, and put in the dryer. Choose an option with high heat at a certain cycle time (e.g. 20, 30 or 40 min). Do not use dryer balls. Once the heating cycle is done, remove the duvet/pillow from the dryer, and let it ventilate for 30 min to 1 hour – to allow extra heat and water to evaporate. Then place it back in the dryer and repeat until completely dry.

Size: Full-sized (adult) duvet: Width 140 cm x length 200 cm | Full-sized (adult) pillow: Width 60 cm x length 63 cm.
Please make sure to check with your bedding, as sizes may vary from country to country.

Please allow 5-7 days delivery in this item.