Braided Floor Baskets - Set of 3

Braided Floor Baskets - Set of 3


EUR 135

Braided baskets perfect for teddies, dress-up clothes, and other toys. Or use them as a trash can, basket for dirty clothes etc in older kid’s rooms. Comes in a set of 3.

These braided baskets are a smart and stylish storage solutions for your kids’ toys, socks, teddy bears and LEGOs. They are made by hand with twined paper, making them all unique in their appearance with little, charming differences. The baskets are sold in sets of three, in a color combination of pink, light grey and dusty green. See sizes of the baskets below.

Brand: Ferm Living Kids

Material: Twined paper

Sizes: Small basket: Height 30 cm x circumference 38 cm | Medium basket: Height 37 cm x circumference 34 cm | Large basket: Height 46 cm x circumference 31 cm