Bunny Baby Lamp

Bunny Baby Lamp

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EUR 79

A cute bunny baby night light.

This lamp gives a warm, soft light, perfect for nurseries or a toddler’s room.

The lamp has been created in collaboration with british lamp makers Lapin & Me, and is inspired by vintage 60s style dolls. With her cute bunny costume and her happy face, this bunny baby lamp is perfect for a nursery or a kid's room. Place it next to your baby's crib or on a shelf, and it's as much an adorable decoration as it's a warm and soothing (night) light.

The Bunny Baby Lamp is made of vinyl, which does not heat up so it's safe to leave the light on during the entire night. It comes fully equipped with a two-prong type plug, used in all regions of the EU except the UK, as well as a LED light source estimated to provide light for 50.000 hours.

The lamp is handmade in Spain.

Brand: Goodnight Light

Material: Molded vinyl. Comes with a two-prong type plug, used all over Europe, except for the UK

Size: Height 28 cm x width 15 cm


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