Paper Boat Lamp +colours

Paper Boat Lamp +colours

229.00 529.00

EUR 69

A soothing night light. Available in white and blue.

Designed by Lorena Canals, this nostalgic nightlight from Goodnight Light produces a dreamy glow and a calming ambience – perfect for your child’s bedroom or nursery. Place it on a shelf or right next to your child’s bed to provide a soft, calming light that is just right at bed time.

The Paper Boat Lamp does not heat up and is therefore a safe lamp for your child’s bedroom. It comes fully equipped with a two-prong type plug, used in all regions of the EU except the UK as well as a LED light source, estimated to provide light for 50.000 hours.

Brand: Goodnight Light

Material: Molded vinyl. Comes with a two-prong type plug, used all over Europe, except for the UK

Size: Height 28 cm x width 15 cm


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