MOBILION Toys Mobile Holder

MOBILION Toys Mobile Holder


EUR 53

A natural, handmade Mobile Holder to easily install a mobile over your child’s crib.

This beautiful mobile holder allows you to easily hang a mobile – or something else for your baby to look at – over his/her crib. It’s handmade from high quality, sturdy birch wood. This holder fits perfectly for long mobiles, but really is suitable for any mobile you may have.

The holder is easy to assemble and install. The clamp is made of two parts, which can be unscrewed completely, and then screwed back together around the rails. The holder is suitable for cribs where the distance between the rails is less than 9 cm (3,5 inches). Inside the package you’ll find a hex key for installing the holder + a hook at the tip end to prevent your mobile from sliding.

For your baby’s safety, always ensure that the mobile stays out of your baby's reach whether he/she is lying down or standing up in the crib.

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Brand: Mobilion Toys

Material: Birch wood.

Size: Height 72 cm. Total height with arm 85 cm.