KALON STUDIOS Echo Toddler Bed 70 x 140 cm

KALON STUDIOS Echo Toddler Bed 70 x 140 cm

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A singularly simple toddler bed. Made to order.

Each surface is gently sculpted so that the piece slopes in at both the top and bottom, giving a soft cradling effect and lending a beautiful, unified quality to the form. Edges are rounded over and soft. One of the most important considerations of the design is the freedom the bed gives the child who uses it.

Graduating from a crib to a bed is a milestone for children that should be fully experienced. For this reason, the bed is set low to the ground allowing them to climb in and out with ease, building confidence and a sense of independence. The sides also clearly define the space of the bed, in a womb like way, as the child’s own.

Brand: Kalon Studios

Material: 100% Solid FSC certified maple with an oiled finish.

Size: Length 146 cm x width 76 cm x height 40 cm. Mattress, if purchased, measures length 140 cm x width 70 cm.

Assembly: Download instructions

This bed is made to order, so please allow 7-8 weeks delivery on this product. Payment will be processed within 7 days from order date.