3-in-1 Chair +colours

3-in-1 Chair +colours


EUR 69

The 3-in-1 chair that turns into a table.

The 3-in-1 chair has a simple but sturdy construction, and is a multifunctional piece of furniture. It’s a chair with two seat heights, but it’s also a table when turned over. Your child may also use it as a step ladder when needing to reach higher, for example in the kitchen.

It has a simple visual expression, making it fit in beautifully with clean, modern surroundings – or as a calm piece in dramatic interiors. Either way, this kids’ chair/table is beautiful to look at and functional, too. Place the chair wherever your child might need to talk a seat: In the living room, hallway, kitchen, bathroom etc.

It’s available in 4 subtle tones as well as 3 vibrant colours. It’s suitable as a chair for children from about age 2 to 5, and once your child has outgrown the chair, simply turn it over and use it as a table or a bed side table.

Brand: Manis-h

Material: Painted MDF.

Size: Height 41 cm x width 34 cm x depth 34 cm. Seat heights: 15 cm and 27 cm.

This product is made to order, so please allow for 2-3 weeks delivery on this item.