Rattan Chair +colours

Rattan Chair +colours


EUR 99

A modern, handmade chair for kids. Available in natural and black.

The Rattan Chair has a simple visual expression, making it fit in beautifully with clean, modern surroundings – or as a calm piece in colorful, dramatic interiors. Either way, this kids chair is beautiful to look at and functional, too. It fits most children’s tables, or can be placed on its own wherever your child might need to take a seat: In the living room, hallway, kitchen, etc.

The Rattan Chair is handmade ​​in France by a craftsman specialized in rattan bending.

The chair is recommended from age 2-5.

Brand: Mum and Dad Factory

Size: Length 25 cm x width 32 cm x height 42.5 cm. Seat height: 26 cm.