EXCLUSIVE | Security Bed Rail

EXCLUSIVE | Security Bed Rail


EUR 102

Exclusive retailer in Denmark.

Added security to protect from night-time falls.

This security rail from American brand Oeuf NYC is a useful addition to the River Twin Bed, Perch Bunk Bed or Sparrow Twin Bed. The rail provides protection from night-time falls, which allows a a younger child to skip the toddler bed and move straight from a crib to a full sized bed.

It’s easily attached to the bed, and easily removed once your child sleeps more calmly at night.

The mattress should be 15-20 cm thick when using the guard rail. 

Brand: Oeuf NYC

Material: Eco-MDF. Finishes are non toxic, water-based and free of VOC health hazards. 

Size: Width 76 cm x height 38 cm

Assembly: Download instructions

Please allow 7-10 days delivery on this item