RAFA KIDS B Bench +colours | 2 sizes

RAFA KIDS B Bench +colours | 2 sizes

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A modern and simple bench. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colours.

The B Bench, from Dutch brand Rafa-Kids, is a modern and functional bench for kids, young as well as old. It’s slim, playful and elegant.

Place the bench anywhere around the house: Smaller kids may use it as a table to draw and play on. Or use it as an extra shelving unit, and place books and magazines on it, and baskets and storage boxes under it. Or more as it is intended: Use it as a bench to sit on, or to climb on to grab something from above.

Brand: Rafa-Kids

Material: 100% 21 mm. thick Finnish Birch plywood.

Size: Length 90 cm x width 33 cm x height 36 cm.

Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery on this item.


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