R Toddler Bed 70 x 150 cm +colours

R Toddler Bed 70 x 150 cm +colours

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A modern, playful and functional toddler bed. Available in 4 colours, and with or without mattress.

Sooner or later that moment will come when your child outgrows his or her crib, and you’ll need a bigger bed for your little independent boy or girl. No need to look further. Rafa-Kids has designed a bed that encourages your child’s independence but also stimulates growth through play. This bed is not only a great place to sleep, but also a functional and beautiful object in your child’s room.

The R Toddler Bed has elevated sides to give extra comfort and to increase safety. The perforated holes gives a light feeling to the design, while most kids find it fun to look through and around the holes. The wheels make it easy to move the bed around, and also add a joyful element to the bed. An adult can easily move the bed from one place to another. The bed base has round holes for proper mattress ventilation. Space underneath the bed allows for storage of diapers, toys, books, etc. With a height of 43 cm. from the floor to the mattress top, any active toddler can easily climb into and out of this bed.

The R Toddler Bed is recommended for children from the age of 3 – or whenever they start escaping their crib.

The choice of mattress is a premium quality mattress, that features the excellent orthopedic and ventilation qualities of cold HR foam. The hypo-allergenic Aloe Vera mattress cover has a zipper on 3 sides, and is washable at 60°, helping to keep the mattress clean and hygienic.

Brand: Rafa-Kids

Material: 100% 21 mm. thick Finnish Birch plywood.

Size: Length 155 cm x width 75 cm x height 60 cm. Distance from floor to mattress top: 43 cm. Mattress (if purchased) measures length 150 cm x width 70 cm x height 14 cm.

Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery on this item.