Danish kids brand Nofred has just launched their newest product, a 100% cotton rug featuring their beloved Toucan. To our humble surprise, Nofred asked us at STUDIO MINI to collaborate with them on this launch.

We’ve asked Sandra & Signe from Nofred a few questions about the rug, their brand, and where they find inspiration.

Signe Holst and Sandra Kaas Greve from Nofred


and the Toucan Rug


Signe and Sandra, could you please introduce yourself?

We’re Signe Holst og Sandra Kaas Greve, and we are the founders of Nofred. We both have a background from the creative industry, which is also where we first met.

We both have spent years travelling the world – this is before having kids – but did eventually return to Denmark, where we met through work. We both settled down, had our first child, and then shortly after that, the idea for Nofred was born.

We founded Nofred because we felt that something was missing. We were desperately looking for kids pieces that would mix easily with the rest of our adult homes, but that was not so easy to find. Our kids are where we are. Our aim with Nofred is to to create kids pieces for those shared family moments.

What is the founding idea behind the Nofred brand?

First and foremost, we are based on high quality. We want our pieces to last through generations, and to create a value in the homes where they are used.

Where do you find inspiration?

As we travel and through observing our own kids as they play, interact, learn and do their daily things in our homes.

Tell us about the Toucan Rug; what’s the idea behind it?

The idea for the Toucan Rug came up as we felt a need for a soft, warm place for both kids and adults – a place to read, to play or just hang out. With this rug, we want to foster those warm, playful, intimate moments, whether they are taking place in the living room, in the kitchen or in the kid’s room. As with all of our products, we aim to design pieces that blend in with the adult interior, so that they can be used around the house – wherever the kids and we like to spend our time.

Any other news from you that you can share with us?

We’re launching our “Harbour Boat” soon. This is a beautiful, handmade boat – a playful toy, but also just as a much a pretty decor piece to be placed in your child’s room.

We’re also launching “Creative Cork”. These are graphic, hand painted cork blocks in stunning colours, reminding us of the towers and the cities in the Far East.

Both pieces will be available in the middle of November 2018.