A Zoo In My Wall

Papier-mâché Mask, Bunny

349 kr

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This beautiful bunny papier-mâché animal head is handmade by Marcia Barbosa, owner and founder of the Portuguese brand A Zoo In My Wall.

These heads are a fun way to add a bit of colour and charm to the kid's room or nursery. Made one at a time, they are all unique with their own, specific features.

Hang the mask on the wall by using the little hook on the back.

Choose from the following 4 options: Baltazar, the friendly bear; Bernardo, the sweet red panda; Nico, the sweet bunny; or Miya, the colourful fox.

Approximate measurements: Length 35 cm (from ears to snout) x width 20 cm x depth 12 cm.

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