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Vegga Changing Table

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The Vegga wall-mounted changing table is a classic, modern, space-saving option. Simply hang the changing table on the wall and open it only when in use. Once open, you'll find two racks inside to store diapers, lotions, a few toys and other things you want to keep close at hand while changing your baby.  

When not in use, the changing table takes up a minimum amount of space. Also, once closed, the changing table is waterproof and may therefore also be hung on the wall in the bathroom. Simply wipe off steam or water splashes with a dry cloth. 

Hang it at a height that’s just right for you, and you’ll have a lovely, ergonomically correct space for changing your baby – no matter where you decide to place it.

The Vegga Changing Table is approved for children up to 30 kg.

A white, washable changing mat made from organic cotton is included.

Measurements: Length 70 cm x width 65 cm x depth 75 cm. Measures depth 16.5 cm when closed.

Ready for immediate shipment from our warehouse in Denmark. 

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