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Handmade Quilted Mattress

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Colour: Ivory

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This handmade, quilted mattress from Habibi Café makes for a soft and warm place to play, sit, relax and read. It adds extra comfort when your baby does tummy time, or when your toddler wants to to just sit on the floor and play.

For older kids, simply fold the mattress, lean it up against the wall and perhaps add a pillow, and they have a lovely, comfortable place to sit and read, play or relax.

The quilted mattress is handcrafted in 100% washed linen, and is available in three colours: Beige, Ivory and Checkered. Remove stains by rubbing carefully with a wet cloth.

Measurements: Approx. Width 60 cm x length 110 cm, and approx. 4 cm thick.

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