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Children's Hair Brush

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Colour: Light Blue

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Brushing your child's hair with a Mason Pearson children's hair brush is the best way to easily and fuss-free brush, style and detangle your child's hair. It is made with flexible, extra soft boar bristles, perfect for little scalps and fine hair.

Made specifically for children, the CB4 hair brush is the smallest of all Mason Pearson brushes yet equally as effective as the larger ones. 

Brushes from Mason Pearson are best known for their luxurious boar bristles, which carefully exfoliate the scalp and stimulate circulation to the hair follicles. Daily brushing helps to distribute the natural oils from the scalp, leaving the hair looking shiny and healthy. Add these cute hair accessories to finalise the look. 

The CB4 brush can be used on all types of children's hair, from thin to thick. The Mason Pearson children's brush may also be used by adults – the size is ideal to fit into any bag big or small, when you're on the go. Speaking of bags, have you seen our Binné Pouch, perfect for when you are on the go?

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