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An incredibly beautiful and imaginative rug for the children's room. Handmade in Turkey.

A fantastic and very unique rug for the children's room. The rug is designed by Ulgen Semerci, and produced in Turkey where she grew up. Since then, she has settled in London, from where she draws and designs wonderful rugs with scenes taken from her own childhood.

The rugs from Mini Knots are handwoven, which means that they are made by hand by a special tying technique, which consists of pushing the yarn into a stretched fabric. A handwoven rug provides a very dense and incredibly durable rug, which is perfect for the children's room, where it must be able to hold a little of everything, and at the same time provide warmth, and be a soft and beautiful place to play.

We have a very limited number of rugs in stock. If the rug is sold out, it can be made to order. It takes approx. 8 weeks from the order is received until the blanket is ready to be shipped. Contact us here.

All rugs are unique, handmade and produced in just a few copies. Since they are handmade, they may differ slightly from the pictures.

Material: 100% wool.

Measurements: Width 71 cm x length 95 cm.

Ready for immediate shipment from our warehouse in Denmark.

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