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Retro Basket

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Sticking with the original pattern and shape from the 1980-ies, these Retro Baskets from Sun Jellies bring about a good amount of vintage feel.

They're great to use for storage in the kid's room: The bendable, flexible baskets easily holds toys, books, paper, teddies and much more. The baskets are also perfect for little trips. Use them on the beach, in the forest or elsewhere where water and sand might come into play. The basket can easily be rinsed and cleaned up afterwards. 

All Sun Jellies baskets are made from 100% recycled LDPE plastic, and we stock them in three perfect pastel shades.  

Measurements: Width 25,5 cm x height 21 cm x depth 11 cm. 

Ready for immediate shipment from our warehouse in Denmark. 

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