Animals Wallpaper

Animals Wallpaper

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Bien Fait Animals Wallpaper


The Animals wallpaper from French brand Bien Fait is like an afternoon at the zoo, where tigers, catfish, elephants and partridges are gazing at you with their fizzy eyes. This design is a modern take on Noah’s ark and his menagerie.

Bien Fait means “well made” and this wallpaper is just that. With unique prints and excellent quality, these prints open up a dream world and adds texture and personal touch to any room. The Animals wallpaper is sold in packs of 2 strips. See hanging instructions below.

See instructions below.

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Animals print.

One pack (containing two wallpaper strips) covers an area of length 280 cm x width 182 cm. Each wallpaper strip measures length 280 cm x width 91 cm.

Please allow 10 days delivery on this item.

This wallpaper is of high quality and a non-woven material. It is made from natural and synthetic fibres, which are tear-resistant during both installation and removal. The wallpaper is eco-friendly and breathable, making it a great choice for any room or feature wall. Non-woven papers have special characteristics:
– The material is easily removable after hanging
– No need for soaking; the paper will not stretch and there is no need for overlapping either
– The paste is to be applied on the wall and not on the paper

What you need: Special, non woven wallpaper paste. A sponge. A painter’s roller. A brush to get rid of air bubbles.

What to do:
1. Spread the special non woven wallpaper paste onto the clean wall with a brush.
2. Hang paper on pasted wall, butt joint
3. Press wallcovering onto the wall using a foam rubber roller to remove air bubbles
4. When it’s dry, cut excess paper at the bottom or top of the length

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