Copenhague Wallpaper

Copenhague Wallpaper


EUR 295

The Copenhague wallpaper is a near ethnic symmetry for a decor fading out to make the celling disappear.

Bien Fait means “well made” and this wallpaper is just that. With unique prints and excellent quality, these prints open up a dream world and adds texture and personal touch to any room. Please note, this wallprinter is printed upon order, and cannot be returned unless faulty.

See hanging instructions below.

Brand: Bien Fait

Material: Non woven wallpaper

Size: Covers an area of length 280 cm x width 182 cm. Each strip measures length 280 cm x width 91 cm

This wallpaper is printed upon order. Please allow 10 days delivery on this item. Payment will be processed within 7 days from order date


These non woven wallpapers are made of the highest quality natural and synthetic fibers, which are tear-resistant during both installation and removal. The wallpaper is eco-friendly and breathable, making it a great choice for any room or feature wall. Non woven papers have special characteristics:

  • The material is easily removable after hanging

  • No need for soaking; the paper will not stretch and there is no need for overlapping either

  • The paste is to be applied on the wall and not on the paper

What you need: Special, non woven wallpaper paste. A sponge. A painter’s roller. A brush to get rid of air bubbles.

What to do:

  1. Spread the special non woven wallpaper paste onto the clean wall with a brush

  2. Hang paper on pasted wall, butt joint

  3. Press wallcovering onto the wall using a foam rubber roller to remove air bubbles

  4. When it’s dry, cut excess paper at the bottom or top of the length