Foret Noire Wallpaper

Foret Noire Wallpaper

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Nathalie Lété Foret Noire Wallpaper

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The Foret Noire wallpaper from French designer Nathalie Lété is like walking into an enchanted forest. The colors of the wallpaper and details of the animals are wonderful to look at, for both kids and adults. This wallpaper changes any room and adds instant, dramatic effect.

Nathalie Lété is a French designer, who lives and works in Spain. She works in many ways, always mixing different techniques and materials and counting wallpaper, ceramics, paintings, rugs, pillows, textile print, illustrations and much more to her large production. She is inspired by her travels, but also by the way of mixing vintage and old engravings of flowers and animals. Everything she does is colorful and poetic, including this Foret Noire wallpaper.

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Size: This package includes 8 strips, which measure a total of height 300 cm x width 372 cm. Excess wallpaper can be cut once it has dried
Material: Non-woven wallpaper, which is made from natural and synthetic fibres

Instructions: The Foret Noire wallpaper is high quality and non woven material. It is made from natural and synthetic fibres, which is tear-resistant during both installation and removal.

Non woven wallpapers have special characteristics:
– The wallpaper is tear-resistant during both installation and removal
– It is easily removable after hanging
– No need for soaking; the paper will not stretch and there is no need for overlapping either
– The paste is to be applied on the wall and not on the paper

What you need: Special, non woven wallpaper paste, e.g. Metylan or Quelyd. A sponge. A painter’s roller. A brush to get rid of air bubbles.

What to do:
1. Spread the special non woven wallpaper paste onto the clean wall with a brush.
2. Hang paper on pasted wall, butt joint
3. Press wallcovering onto the wall using a foam rubber roller to remove air bubbles
4. When it’s dry, cut excess paper at the bottom or top of the length

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