Leaf Blanket – 2 colours

Leaf Blanket – 2 colours


EUR 100

Soft, quilted blanket makes for a great place to play.

The Leaf Blanket is a great blanket for your baby or toddler. It’s quilted, which makes it extra soft and provides great comfort when your baby does tummy time, or just wants to sit an play on the floor. The Leaf Blanket may also be used as a babyblanket to give extra warmth on a cold day, or use it as a decorative bed throw on your toddler’s bed, or on the floor in your kid’s room.

It is recommended that you wash the blanket before use.

Brand: Nofred

Material: 100% organic, GOTS certified cotton. Filling is made of recycled polyester

Care: Remove stains by rubbing carefully with a wet cloth. If that’s not enough, then wash the blanket using a cold wash, delicate programme. Hang to dry. Don’t use bleach, and don’t tumble dry

Size: Length 125 cm. x width 110 cm. 2 cm. thick