Oak Gymnastic Rings +colours

Oak Gymnastic Rings +colours


EUR 139

These rings keep kids active, even indoors. Available as oak rings in 7 different rope colours.

Gymnastic Rings are wooden rings, guaranteed to bring joy to kids. Playing with the rings is a fun social activity, which helps kids to gain strength and develop their balance and body coordination.

Each ring is assembled from three carefully crafted wooden elements, which are securely glued together. The shape of the ring is designed to perfectly suit the shape of your child’s hands.

The Lillagunga Rings are designed and manufactured in Finland. The rings are recommended for children from age 3 and up, with a maximum capacity of 90 kg.

Brand: Lillagunga

Material: Oil-treated oak rings, with ropes in polypropylene and swivels made from stainless steel

Size: Fits room height 2.0-2.8 meters. Contact us if you have taller ceilings