Harbour House +colours

Harbour House +colours


EUR 85

The colourful doll house inspired by Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

Harbour House is a doll house designed to make a great play space either on its own, or with two houses next to each other to create a feeling of a small community. Place the doll houses with their open end facing out, or turn them to create a ‘street view’ look, making them resemble the colorful, lined up buildings of Copenhagen’s beautiful Nyhavn.

The key focus when designing the doll houses was imaginative play. And there’s lots of options for that with open doors to both front and sides, a chimney and a roof window. The doll houses’ doorways and windows are designed to accommodate Playmobil figures, LEGO and Sylvania Families. Animal figures will feel at home in these Harbour House, too.

The Harbour House is recommended from age 2 and up.

Brand: Nofred

Material: 100% natural, untreated oak with non-toxic paint.

Care: Clean with a damp cloth with mild soap only (do not use products containing ammoniac).

Size: Height 39 cm x width 34 cm x depth 23.5 cm.