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An online universe for kids and their design-conscious parents


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Kids stuff that’s kind to parents’ eyes

For as long as I can remember, I have been looking for pretty things that I could stuff my tiny pockets with. Things that had a story, a meaning or a special feature that I liked.

I’m still looking for things, but the search now has a purpose: I am on a mission to bring together great stuff for kids made by manufacturers across the world, and place them together in one, inspiring online universe.

What you’ll find here is my curated edit of items for babies, toddlers, kids and teens. Products that are beautifully designed, carefully crafted, and made from the highest quality. New brands, new products and new categories are added continuously as the search goes on.

My aim is to inspire and surprise. To simplify choices rather than overwhelm. To help and assist you to easily search and find unique kids stuff that’s also kind to your eyes.

Thank you for stopping by!

– Louise, founder and owner of STUDIO MINI

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