A Moment With Anna Maj Arentsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographer: Laura Short

26-year old Anna Maj Arentsen, stylist at Holly Golightly, on Christmas and how she likes to watch the sun rise above Copenhagen from their living room windows.

Lida is practicing her balance by holding on to a storage basket while Anna Maj is holding a cherry baby toy in her hand.

On my mind these days is

Christmas that is coming soon. Early on, I started cleaning up and sorting through stuff – so that our home is lovely place to be during the holidays. I just love hanging out here at home, with my little family.

I never leave home without

my sunglasses and Lida's favourite soft cuddle cloth.

I prefer my morning coffee

in our living room while enjoying the view of the Lakes and Queen Louise's bridge. I love watching the sun rise from here, while drinking a cup of coffee.

My tips for decorating a kid's room would be

to use colours. We love colours, and I think it makes the kid's room playful and charming. Also, all toys should placed within reach: On shelves at the right height or in boxes etc. where Lida can reach. Finally, don't forget storage. Great storage is key to living with kids.

A large Mushroom Lamp sits on top of a classic cupboard. Next to it lies a soft lemon baby toy, a pacifier and a baby bib.

Lida wears Bonton soft leggings, that are available in lots of beautiful colours.

"I love watching the sun rise from our living room, while enjoying a cup of coffee."

— Anna Maj Arentsen

Lida is holding on tight to a foot rest, on which a cherry & lemon toy is placed. Next to her, a raffia basket with some of her toys.

Watching the world outside from the living room inside.