Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

With a true love for music, 10-year old Pixi has filled her room with a synthesizer, several guitars, a ukulele and drums – beautifully mixed in with all her toys and treasures that also make her heart beat.

A Hay shelf in bright red holds books, toys, handmade treasures, a radio and a Duck Lamp. Next to the shelf is a Drum and a Ukulele – some of Pixi's many instruments.

The best thing about my room is

is all the music that is in here.

What I dislike most

are the dolls. I feel like I am done with them.

I love to play with

my little bouncy balls. I collect them, and have quite a few stored in a basket.

My favourite instrument is

the synthesizer because I can make so many different sounds on it, and I can play some great music on it, too.

My favourite teddy is

Kaninus, which is a little soft bunny teddy with a tale, that plays a melody when I pull it.

"I want to be a singer when I grow up – one who sings children's songs of course"

- Pixi, 10 years old

A selection of Pixi's figures sit on the shelf. Each one of them is handmade by Pixi herself, who has been creative using pearls, feathers, toilet paper rolls and more.

Pixi's favourite corner of the room. Here she has most of her musical instruments including a piano, synthesizer, microphone and a speaker. Above the desk hangs a cherry mobile.

A colourful quilt hangs on the wall above the bed, and gives a cosy and warm feeling to the room. The bed is vintage, but the Boheme Bed from Bonton has a similar feel.

Little cute paper ornaments from Danish artist Sarah Becker are placed on the wall.

Pixi's books are lined up on the lower shelf. Also here: The Duck Lamp, a red ukulele and a drum. Posters on the wall are easily hung with tape on the corners.

The Malika Dress, little shoes, and a Liberty Pouch hangs on the back on the door, waiting for the perfect occasion to be worn.