Mushroom Lamp

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The Mushroom Lamp from Heico is a lovely, decorative and humorous lamp for your kid’s room or baby's nursery. It instantly adds charm and a bit of colour, while also spreading light up and around from where it is placed. 

Little holes at the top of the lamp allow for streams of light to shine through, adding a wonderful, cosy atmosphere to the room. Place the lamp by your child's bed, on a shelf or on a table, and it will light up the area around it and up towards the ceiling. 

The Mushroom Lamp is made of vinyl, which does not heat up. It is therefore safe to leave the lamp lit during the night, for all those little ones who need a bit of added security while drifting off to sleep.  

The Mushroom Lamp comes with a two-prong type plug, used in all regions of the EU except the UK.

Measurements: Medium Lamp: Diameter 25 cm x height 19 cm. Large Lamp: Diameter 35 cm x height 29 cm.

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