Willow's & Maddox's Rooms, 2 and 4 years old

Styling: Studio Mini
Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

Holte, Denmark

Siblings Willow, 2, and Maddox, 4, spend most of their time together, and so it was natural for the two to also share a room. Over time, one room has turned into two for this little duo: One for playing and for sleeping.

Both rooms, brought here in one journal, are a wonderful example of Scandinavian minimalism, where brown wood and soft textiles add warmth – mixed in with colourful toys, art and vintage pieces.

The shared bedroom. Next to the bed sits a Red Piano, a rug from Mini Knots, a Mushroom Lamp and on the bed lies a Knitted Whale.

A couple of books and a soft teddy is placed by the bed, ready for night time. A Boheme Shelf adds warmth and is used to store toy cars.

The Mushroom Lamp, here in size medium, adds a touch of colour and gives off a warm light in the evening and throughout the night.

Wooden shelves are a great storage place for books, toys, vintage decor, lamps, and the Knitted Cactus. On the floor, a rug from Mini Knots. Explore all rugs here.

Suitcases in the window sill are both decorative and a great way to store little toys. Larger baskets underneath the window holds bigger toys. On top lies a Knitted Snake.

A look from the bedroom and into the hallway.

"My favourite thing to do is jump from the window sill and onto the bed."

– Maddox, 4 years old

Similarly to the bedroom, the playroom is also kept in calm colours and with simplicity in mind.

In here, imagination runs free while Maddox and Willow play with the wooden kitchen, little animals, draw at the table, or play with toy cars on the floor.

The wooden kitchen is a favourite toy for both Willow and Maddox. See a similar one here and here.

Hans J. Wegner designed Peter's Chair and Peter's Table back in 1944 as a gift to a friend's son. The chair and table set quickly proved its form and functionality, and is still produced today. On the floor lies a Polar Bear Rug from Helle Høgsbro Krag.

Little wooden animals on display on the table. Explore similar toy animals here.

The Tote Bag and The Liberty Pouch are used for little outings and walks, or when Willow and Maddox visit their grandparents.

The quilt on the wall adds warmth and colour to the room. Below, a cute doll and her basket.

Warm wood in the window sill, and a package of oil crayons from Filia.