FLENSTED MOBILES Five Flying Swallows Mobile

FLENSTED MOBILES Five Flying Swallows Mobile


EUR 34

A calm mobile, perfect to hang over your baby’s crib or changing table.

This mobile is an an elegant, beautiful mobile with five swallows, flying freely above in the air. It’s one of the first designs made my the Danish company Flensted Mobiles.

It’s made out of cardboard, and is easily hung in the ceiling over your baby’s crib, changing table or elsewhere in your home. If you’re not sure how to hang the mobile directly over your child’s crib, or if you want the mobile to hang at a certain height, use the Bed Canopy for an easy, hassle-free installation.

All Flensted Mobiles are designed and produced in Denmark.

Brand: Flensted Mobiles

Material: Cardboard.

Size: Height 55 cm x width 45 cm.

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